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I am a creative and social entrepreneur with deep interest in music, arts & culture, techbusiness, human development and showbiz. I am pulled in many directions by these forces, but it is intrinsically obvious that the best of me lies within creativity and entrepreneurship. Maybe a look at my detailed profile will give you a better insight into my person.


Below you will find ten of the businesses and social initiatives I have successfully established over the past 11 years. The first on the list, being what I am best known for, is today Nigeria’s biggest and most patronised music school, having trained over 12, 000 students from 13 countries and running in several campuses in the country.

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Why 99% of People Who Pursue Music Never Make it to the Limelight

Here you will be shown the 5 steps to building a lasting and successful career in music.

Steps to a Successful Music Career - Akapo Emmanuel

In this video, renowned music educator and entrepreneur, Akapo Emmanuel, shares with you the fundamentals and secrets of success in the music industry.


Akapo Producing the song "Omo"

Renowned music educator and songwriter Akapo Emmanuel in the studio producing one of his composed songs “Omo” for the artiste “Bibi”

Akapo Emmanuel producing his composition "Nneh Kendeh"

In this video, Akapo shares with you one of his music production studio sessions.

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